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Brentwood, Tennessee 37024

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Inspections to Protect Your Safety and Investment

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Business Name Habitec Home & Building Inspec
Phone Number 615-376-2753
Po Box 413, 9441 Norwood Drive
Brentwood, TN 37024
United States
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About Habitec Home & Building Inspec

The mission of HABITEC Home and Building Inspections, LLC, is to protect your safety and investment by providing reliable and quality services in three areas. First, residential property inspections (Home Inspections) that meet or exceed the standards and procedures promulgated by the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance. Second, commercial building inspections that meet or exceed the standards and procedures specified by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), ASTM E 2018 (Modified). Third, environmental services for mold assessments, radon testing, and water quality analysis for the purposes of testing for compliance with modified environmental standards established by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the State of Tennessee, or local regulations, as applicable. HABITEC will complete this mission by combining a high level of training, technology, professionalism and experienceHello, my name is Richard Acree, President of HABITEC Home and Building Inspection, LLC. What you have just read is in our Business Plan. We live it, breathe it and believe in it. It's not just talk. We try every day to walk the walk. At HABITEC, we put the safety and the investment of our Client first. Our inspections are comprehensive. We do not rush. We are acutely aware of the requirements of the State of Tennessee rules and regulations for Home Inspections and we try to meet and exceed those requirements when we do those home inspections. The American Society for Testing and Materials is the leader in the industry for guidance on how to complete a commercial building inspection. Again, we have studied their guidance and incorporated their guidance into our Commercial Building Inspections. We have completed commercial building on many different types of buildings. That depth of experience is what we bring to each project. Environmental Services for mold, radon and water quality is significantly related to our work in home and building inspections. Evaluating residential and commercial buildings for these environmental issues requires an underlying knowledge of how the structures are put together. Knowing where to look for environmental issues is a large part of these evaluations. Without that knowledge, evaluating for environmental issues is similar to wandering around in the dark. The Environmental Protection Agency is the leader in setting limits and offering guidance on how to evaluate for environmental issues. We monitor their guidance constantly. All this is brought together by education and experience. Some folks define wisdom as the combination of education and experience. HABITEC brings wisdom to this process. Our Inspectors all have a college degree. They have experience in home and building design and construction. And they have education specific to the cause. Kaplan/ITA is one of the largest and most successful institutions offering training and services for the home and commercial building inspection industry. They also offer training for many environmental issues. Their instructors are long in experience in these processes. We call them the grey-beards. And we listen to what they say. Academics are necessary and helpful, but war-stories from those who have been down the road are too. HABITEC Inspectors have completed many hours of training provided mostly by Kaplan/ITA. Experience can come in many forms. Ours did too. Building a new house, renovating an old house, maintaining over a dozen houses, repairing all of them. These are the types of hands-on experience HABITEC inspectors have. We have also been Inspecting since 2005. We draw on the experience of each other. We check each other's work. At times we work together on large projects. It's our corporate policy.Like any industry we incorporate technology to do our job better. Digital moisture meters, infrared thermometers, professional mold and radon sampling equipment, state-of-the-art lighting, modern laboratories and more are all brought to bear on the inspection process. We monitor the industry to remain aware of the changes in technology so that the Client can receive the very best Inspection money can buy.The pictures you see in this website are all structures we have worked on. From brand new to over 100 years old. Homes from 1500 square feet to over 12,000 square feet, valued at $150K to over $3 Million. Commercial buildings approaching 50,000 square feet. Environmental issues involving life and health threatening situations that were resolved. That's what we do. That's who we are. Home And Building Inspections with Technology for Environmental Compliance.Please call us if we can be of service. 615-376-2753

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