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Barrington, Rhode Island 02806

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Business Name Craftsman Home Inspection
Phone Number 401-246-1770
20 Bay Spring Avenue
Barrington, RI 02806
United States
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About Craftsman Home Inspection

I find that every house has its own particular problems and benefits. The cost of the inspection will vary with the same above criteria. The narrative report can take me up to 5 hours to complete at my computer. Every house is different and each report must be customized to its own character. Report writing takes time and care. The average time that I spend on each inspection after the report is completed is about 8 – 10 hours. I am an independent inspector. This means that I will not work or solicit Realtors. I do believe that Realtors should not recommend home inspectors. I believe this would be a conflict of interest. You will not find my brochures in any Real Estate office. My business is built on word of mouth from homebuyers. Note this article that was published as a result of NBC DATELINE story on home inspectors: "HOW TO FIND A QUALIFIED HOME INSPECTOR." A scathing NBC DATELINE news story on incompetence and fraud in home inspections has again raised eyebrows among homebuyers and raised the hackles of home inspectors. The message for homebuyers, when it comes to hiring a home inspector, is Buyer Beware. It's a familiar theme: consumers as victims for unscrupulous, deceptive operators. For the home inspection and real estate industries, unfortunately, "one bad apple spoils the bunch" -- just a few horror stories are enough to give the whole industry a black eye. The story highlighted what is probably the worst case scenario: real estate agents and home inspectors working in cahoots with each other to hide defects from home buyers. But the problem for most consumers is not just avoiding fraudulent operators, it's making sure whoever they hire has enough experience and knowledge to do a good job.

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